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Culture plant of Discocactus woutersianus 
Photo and description Günter Königs

Discocactus woutersianus AB1006

  • Description

    Brederoo et van den Broek spec. nov.


  • Short plant description AB1006 in culture

Diameter of the culture plant is ca. 9 cm.  Plant height without cephalium 6 cm. 
The colour of the epidermis is gray/green.      Number of ribs 15. 
Number of areoles per rib is 15 on plants with cephalium. The shape of the areoles is round.The number of radial spines is 7. The length of the spines is 2 to 5 mm. 
The shape of the spines is straight and the colour is white to gray. 
The colour of the cephalium is cream.

  • Remarks   

This species can be distinguished from D. horstii because of its fewer and broader ribs and spmewhat heavier spines. It's still not clear whether this plant is a natural hybrid with D. insignis; D. insignis appears in rather the same habitat. It seems possible to cultivate this hybrid.



  • Literature

    Sukkulenta 1980 page 198-203 
    Sukkulenta 1981 page 14-15
    Sukkulenta 1981 page  36-39 

Hybrid D.horstii x D.insignis  

Photo Jan Hovens

  • Habitat.  JEANETTE

    If this really is a natural hybrid, then it can be found near  HU347 and HU360 in the Serra do Barao at an altitude of  ca. 1000 m. near Grao Mogol in Minas Gerais. 

Grao Mogol in Minas Gerais Brazil 
Guia Rodoviario do Brasil, E-2