Culture plant of  Discocactus spinosior 
Photo and description P.van der Laken

Discocactus spinosior HU205a

  • Description

    Buining & Brederoo in Discocactus Venlo 1980 page 146. 


  • Short plant description HU 205A in culture

    Diameter of the culture plant is ca. 12 cm. 
    Plant height without cephalium 8 cm. 
    The colour of the epidermis is green. 
    Number of ribs is 12. 
    Number of areoles per rib is 7 on plants with cephalium. 
    The shape of the areoles is round.
    The number of radial spines is 5, now and then 7. 
    De length of spines is 1,5 to 2 cm. 
    The shape of the spines is slightly recurved backwards, the colour is gray; young spines are light brown.
    The colour of the cephalium is nearly white. 
    The colour of the fruit is white.
    The position of the stigma is at the top of the stamens.

  • Remarks

    Dr. P.Braun supposes it is a habitat variety of D. catingicola.


  • Literature

Discocactus Venlo 1980 page146. 
Succulenta 1977 nr. 11. 

spinosio2.jpg (103122 bytes)

Habitat photo of Discocactus spinosior 
field number  HU205A
Photo: Albert Buining

  • Habitat

    Near Barreiras (Governador Balbino) in the west part of Bahia at an altitude of ca. 700 m. on and between rocks overgrown by grasses, plants, shrubs and trees. 

Barreiras in Bahia, Brazil 
Guia Rodoviario do Brasil, B-3