Culture plant of  Discocactus silvaticus.    Photo and description Piet van der Laken

Discocactus silvaticus HU455

  • Description

    Buining & Brederoo in Discocactus Venlo 1980 page 140. 


  • Short plantdescription HU 455 in culture

    Diameter of the culture plant  is ca. 13 cm. 
    Plant height without cephalium 8 cm. 
    The colour of the epidermis is bronze/green. 
    Number of ribs 14. 
    Number of areoles per rib is 6, on plants with cephalium. 
    The shape of the areoles is round.
    The number of radial spines is 5 to 6. 
    De length of the spines upwards is 0.8 cm. and up to 1.5 cm. for the spines side- and downwards. 
    The shape of the strong spines is slightly recurved backwards and the colour is gray/pale-brown with a dark tip.


  • Remarks

    Plants are easy to cultivate. This is also the case, when they are grafted as very young seedlings on permanent stocks.


  • Literature

Succulenta 1977 nr. 11. 
Discocactus Venlo 1980 page 140. 

silvati2.jpg (306740 bytes)

Habitat photo of Discocactus silvaticus 
field number  HU455
Photo: Albert Buining

  • Habitat

    Wooded hill along the Rio Juaru, east of Coxim, Mato Grosso, Brazil, at an altitude of 320 m. on black rocks , together with a Pseudopilocereus species. Fieldnumber HU455 has to be HU604 also D. silvaticus.

Coxim in Mato Grosso, Brazil 
Guia Rodoviario do Brasil, D-2