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Culture plant of Discocactus semicampaniflorus
 Photo and description Louis van Criekinge

Discocactus semicampaniflorus HU198a

  • Description

BUINING & BREDEROO Cac.and Succ. Journal USA Vol.XLVII, page 122-125, 1975

  • Short plant description HU 198A in culture

Diameter of the culture plant is ca. 15 cm. Plant height without cephalium 7 cm The colour of the epidermis is shiny green. Number of ribs is 14. The number of areoles per rib is 6 on plants with cephalium. The shape of the areoles is oval and woolly. The number of spines is 7. The length of the spines is 0.5 cm for the 2 upwards, 1.5 for the 4 spines sidewards and 2 cm. for the spine downwards. The shape of the spines is slightly recurved backwards and the colour is like amber. The colour of the cephalium is white/ brown on young plants, older plants have brown bristles. The colour of the fruit is white. The position of the stigma is on the top of the stamens.


  • Remarks

.It is a small species that's not widely distributed. 

  • Literature

C.& S. JOURNAL 1975
DISCOCACTUS 1980 s. 152

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Habitat photo of Discocactus semicampaniflorus 
field number HU198A
Photo: Albert Buining

  • Habitat

    North of  COXIM, Mato Grosso, Brasil at an altitude of ca. 350m in hard soil of red sandy loam and fine stones, between and partly under wild grasses, plants and short shrubs. 

Guia Rodoviario do Brasil, D-2