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Culture plant of  Discocactus melanochlorus 
Photo and description Louis van Criekinge

Discocactus melanochlorus HU453

  • Description

Buining & Brederoo in Discocactus Venlo 1980 page 135-140.

  • Short plant description HU 453 in culture

Diameter of the culture plant is ca. 7 cm. 
Plant height without cephalium 4 cm. 
The colour of the epidermis is dark green. 
Number of ribs 9  to 10. 
Number of areoles per rib is 6 to 7 on plants with cephalium. 
The shape of the areoles is round with a little wool. 
The number of spines is 6 to 7. 
The length of the spines is 0,5 to 1 cm. 
The shape of the spines is slightly bent to the plant and the colour is reddish to gray. 
The colour of the cephalium is light gray to cream.  
The colour of the fruit is white to reddish. 
The position of the stigma is at the top of the stamens.

  • Remarks

D. heptacanthus, D.melanochlorus, D. flavispinus are probably  all varieties of D. melanochlorus.

The older plants have a reddish colour at the tip of the areoles.

  • Literature

Buining & Brederoo in Discocactus Venlo 1980 page 135-140.
-  Succulenta 1977 nr. 11 page 260.


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Habitat photo of Discocactus melanochlorus

 field number HU 453 
Photo: Albert Buining

  • Habitat.

    In the neighbourhood of the village of Chapado dos Guimaraes in the Mato Grosso, Brazil at an altitude of 800 - 1000 m. in sandy, loamy soil amongst small shrubs, wild grasses and occasional trees (so called "Serrados").


Chapada dos Guimaraes in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

  Guia Rodoviario do Brasil: C~5