Culture plant of  Discocactus griseus
Photo  and description Piet van der Laken

Discocactus griseus HU343

  • Description

BUINING & BREDEROO in SUCCULENTA nr. 54 1975 page 185-190

  • Short plant description HU343 in culture

Diameter of the culture plant  is ca.12 cm. Plant height without cephalium 6-7 cm.
The colour of the epidermis is gray/green. The number of ribs is 10. Number of areoles per rib is 6-8 on plants with cephalium. The shape of the areoles is oval.
The number of radial spines is 5-6. The length of the spines is upwards 0.5; sidewards 1.5 cm. and downwards 2.5 cm.
All spines are slightly bent to the plant. The colour of the spines is ivory with a brown/red tip.
The cephalium is white/brown coloured and has little red/brown spines like bristles along the the margin.
The colour of the fruit is white.
The position if the stigma is half-way up the secundairy stamens.

  • Remarks

 Especially  on year old seedlings are very sensitive to fungal disaeses. A species very rich in flowers and seeds. 

  • Literature

SUCCULENTA 1975 page 190
DISCOCACTUS 1980 page 174



griseus02.jpg (555776 bytes)

Op de standplaats van Discocactus griseus 
veldnummer HU 343
Foto, Albert Buining


  • Habitat.

Serra dos Alegres in the west part of Minas Gerais, near a radio mast at an altitude of ca. 850 m. among small bushes and various grasses in fine pure yellowish sand near Joao Pinheiro.