Culture plant of  Discocactus goianus
Photo and description
Günther Königs

Typical external of D. (diersianus) ssp. goianus BR304.


Discocactus goianus E10

  • Description

Diers et Esteves in K.u.a.s. 1980 page 73

  • Short plant description E10 = (BR304) in culture

Diameter of the culture plant is ca. 11 cm. 
Plant height without cephalium 8 cm. 
The colour of the epidermis is green. 
Number of ribs15. 
Number areoles per rib is 6 to 8 on plants with cephalium. 
Th shape of the areoles is round. 
The number of radial spines is 6 to 7. 
The length of the spines is upwards 1 cm, to 5 cm. downwards.
The shape of the radial spines is straight to slightly recurved to the plant and the colour is brown, the older spines are gray. The colour of the cephalium is cream.

  • Remarks

There are only a few differences between this field number E 10 and the field number E 87.
Pierre Braun and  E. Esteves were together at this habitat of BR304=E10.

Plants can reach in habitat a diameter up to 35 cm. Cephalium heigth to 2 cm.  Flower length to 4 cm. The older plants make many offsets.

The seeds came from Dr.P.Braun; plant was in the collection of Gerard Uil.

  • Literature

K.u.a.s. 1980 blz. 73

goianus2.jpg (103473 bytes)

Habitat photo of Discocactus goianus 
field number BR304
Photo; Pierre Braun

  • Habitat

In the central part in the south of Goias at an altitude of ca. 650 m. We don't know the exact growth area.

 Goias, Brazil
Guia Rodoviario do Brasil