Culture plant of  Discocactus diersianus
Photo and description
Louis van Criekinge

Discocactus diersianus E87

  • Description

E. Esteves in: Cact. and Succ. Journal U.S.A. 1979.

  • Short plant description E87 in culture

Diameter of the culture plant is ca. 20 cm. 
Plant height without cephalium is 19 cm. 
The colour of the epidermis is gray/olivegreen. 
Number of ribs 16. 
Number of areoles per rib is 5 on plants without cephalium. The colour of the cephalium is cream, the older spines are gray.
The shape of the areoles is round. 
The number of radial spines is 5 to 6. 
The length of the spines is 2 to 2,5 cm. 
The shape of the spines is stiff and the colour is yellowish with a brown   tip.


  • Remarks

This variety ressembles like D.goianus. Both types belong to the largest Discocacti. ( Diameter even up to 25 cm.). Cephalium height up to 10 cm. Flower length 5 to 6 cm.

  • Literature

Cact. and Succ, Journal USA 1979. 
Braun P. Kakteenkartei K.u.a.S. 42 (3) page 7 1991.

diersia2.jpg (120194 bytes)

Habitat photo of  Discocactus diersianus 
field number E87
Photo: Pierre Braun

  • Habitat

In the south-east of Goias at an altitude of ca. 650 m. 

Goias, Brazil
Guia Rodoviario do Brasil