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Culture plant of  Discocactus cangaensis
Photo and description
Günther Königs

Discocactus cangaensis

  • Description

Diers et Esteves in Cact. and Succ. Journal U.S.A. 1980

  • Short plant description of E97 in culture

Diameter of the culture plant is ca. 7 cm. 
Plant height without cephalium 5 cm. 
The colour of the de epidermis is light green. 
The number of ribs is 10. 
Number of areoles is 5 to 7 on plants with cephalium. 
The shape of the areoles is oval/round. 
The number of radial spines is 5 to 7.
The length of the two spines upwards is 0,5 cm., the 3 spines side-and downwards are up to 2 cm. 
The shape of the spines is slightly bent to the plant. The colour of the spines is amber.

  • Remarks

We obtained this photo on the habitat with field number E 79 from Dr. P. Braun.

  • Literature

Cact. and Succ. Journal 1980

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Habitat photo of  Discocactus cangaensis 
field number E97
Photo: Pierre Braun

  • Standplaats

In the South-west to west of Goias, Brazil.

onbekend in Goias, Brazil
Guia Rodoviario do Brasil,