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Culture plant of Discocactus buenekeri 
Photo and description Piet van der Laken

   Discocactus buenekeri CWRA27

  • Description

  • Short plant description CWRA 27 in culture

    Diameter of the culture plant is ca 5,5 cm. 
    Plant height without cephalium 5,5 cm. 
    The colour of the epidermis is green. 
    Number of ribs 15. 
    Number of areoles per rib is 9 on plants with cephalium. 
    The shape of the areoles is round. 
    The number of radial spines is ca. 18. 
    The length of the spines is 0,5 to1 cm. 
    The shape of the spines is like little needles and the colour is yellow/white. 
    The colour of the cephalium is white. 
    The position of the stigma is at the primary stamens.

  • Remarks

    One of the smallest species of Discocacti.

    In culture the plant produces many offsets.

    Seeds of the cultured plants came from R. Bueneker via L. Bercht with field number RWB 1.


  • Habitat

    Barro Vermelho in the north of Bahia in pure quartzsand, Brazil 
    Guia Rodoviario do Brasil, E-1

    There are at least 5 villages in Bahia named Barro Vermelho. Because this plant belongs to the group D. zehntneri we think it's the village Barro Vermelho 80 km east of Petrolina. An other minor possibility is 30 km. east of Ibipetuba.