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Culture plant of Discocactus bahiensis
 Photo and description

 Louis van Criekinge

Discocactus bahiensis HU437

  • Description R. The Cactaceae III p 220, 1922 emend. BUINING & BREDEROO.
The habitat is in: MACAROCA in BAHIA, Brazil. 

  • Short plant description of  HU437 in culture

Diameter of the culture plant is ca.10 cm. Plant height (without cephalium) 4,5 - 5cm 
colour of the epidermis is green. Number of ribs is 12. Number of areoles per rib is 5 on plants with a cephalium. The shape of de areoles is oval and woolly.
The number of the lateral spines is 7 - 9.The length of the spines is 3-3,5 cm. The shape of the spines is slightly recurved towards the plant. The spines are amber-  to horn coloured. The colour of the cephalium is between white and cream/brown.  
The colour of the fruit is white now and then rose-red. The position of the stigma as to the secondary stamens is half-way up.

  • Remarks

We know two varieties. They differ in shape and length of the spines. Both varieties give many offsets after making a cephalium.  Synonym of  HU 485  (var.gracilis n.n.).

  • Literature R. The Cactaceae III p 220, 19-22 
   K.u.a.S. 1979 blz. 190,
 - DISCOCACTUS 1980 page 123



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Habitat photo of Discocactus bahiensis 
field number HU 437 
Photo: Albert Buining

  • Habitat

circa 60 km  west of Massaroca on the Curral Velho directly  west of Abreus at the westbank of the Rio Salitre Juazeiro, Bahia.

Rodoviario do Brasil : D-1