Culture plant of Discocactus araneispinus
Photo and description
Piet van der Laken

Discocactus araneispinus HU440

  • Description


  • Short plant description of HU440 in culture

  • Diameter of the culture plant is 20 cm. Plant height ca. 12 cm. The colour of the epidermis is green.The number of ribs is ca. 20.  Number of areoles per rib ca.8 on plants with cephalium. The shape of the areoles is oval.The number of lateral spines is ca. 10 to15. The length is 1-2 cm. The shape of the spines is recurved backwards and they sit on the plant like spiders.The colour of the cephalium is light brown. The colour of the fruit is white. The position of the stigma is at the top of the stamens.
  • Remarks

Discocactus araneispinus produces in culture just like D. boomianus many offsets. 
It's better to graft on a low stock to keep the plant in a good shape.

  • Literature

Succulenta 1977 page 11, 1982 page16
DISCOCACTUS 1980 page 39


Habitat photo of Discocactus araneispinus 
field number HU440
Photo: Albert Buining

  • Habitat

North of Limoeiro in the east part of the Serra da Mimosa in Bahia Brazil at an altitude of ca. 1130 m.

LIMOEIRO in BAHIA, Brazil   
Guia Rodoviario do Brasil, C-3

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