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Explanation Field numbers
81 .....
BR/BU .....

Büneker .....

HU .....

ISI .....

Latin abbreviations

A field number is commonly used and adhered to indicate the location of a plant found in habitat. They have no officially recognized meaning. Hereunder a list of numbers consisting of field numbers and collection numbers.

The collection numbers should not be part of this list, however many of these numbers are circulating among amateurs therefore it seemed useful to mention them also.

The first two characters represents usually the initials of the field explorer, followed by a figure representing the sequential number of the plant found in habitat The added "A" means usually an insertion of a specie with a later discovered  divergence of its appearence.
jr 1837 Pfeiffer
81  van Heek, Heimen, Paul, Strecker, Hovens in 1981
85  van Heek, Heimen, Strecker, Köpper, Criekinge in 1985
86  van de Vel, Wolters, Hovens in 1986
87 van Heek, Heimen, Strecker, Köpper, Criekinge in 1987
AA A.Artzberger
AB Albert Buining
CWRA Abraham
AL  Ad de Lange
BR  Braun
BU Büeneker
CWR  Abrabanie
DIA Dias Ferreira
E Esteves
FR/Ritter F.Ritter
HB  Heimen, Braun
HU Horst, Uebelmann
KK   K. Knize
LAU  Alfred Lau
W E. Warras
WO Wouters (collection numbers)

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