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Seed of D. ferricola HU 195



Disco seeds are easy to harvest, they are in the long fruit without pulp so there is no need to dry the seeds. The seeds are extremely vulnerable due to the protrusions on the skin. When damaged the germinative power reduces strongly. For shipping Disco seeds correct packing in soft paper or case is a must.

The germinative power of fresh seed is generally speaking weak. After a ripening process of 1-2 years the germinative force can increase to 85%. Seeds stored in the freezer at -18oC, have an excellent germinative power. The only thing is that they have to be sown within 24 hours; that's why they are less suitable for shipments.

Advisable is to de-contaminate the seeds before putting them in the freezer.

In excess we would like to add that information of name, origin, harvest date are written on every bag, and a clear up to date listing of available seeds is available.

The removal of the seed from the freezer to see what is available and which not, has a negative influence on the quality of the seeds.

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