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As can be expected  also the start of the germination process of the seeds of Discocacti requires a higher temperature. It is known that plants from warm climates have a higher temperature optimum for germination then plants from a milder climate.

Years of experience have learned us that the best germination temperature is +/- 30oC. Above 30oC will accelerate the germination process, but will lower the germination percentage rapidly. Among the various sow method's are many used with success. 

Most important are: a sterile sow substrate, the composition of it, as well as the disinfection of the seed.

Hereunder in brief a successfull  method used by us:

  • As sow substrate we use a substrate as sterile as possible.
  • The seeds are de-contaminated by immersing them a few minutes in  water with a dissolved seed disinfectant and rinsed in cooled down to 25oC. cooked water; let dry and sow within  2 days 
  • Sow widely if you do not wish to transplant the first year, apply a light pressure and cover with river gravel of 1" 2 mm, water carefully with cooked rainwater with a solution of fungicide (TMTD of CAPTAN).
  • Seed that is obtained from commercial suppliers has in many cases been stored for a long time in chilled conditions and should be used immediately after reception. Otherwise the germinative power will strongly reduced .
  • When one has obtained only a small amount of seed its best to graft the small plants within 3 to 4 months on i.e.. Pereskiopsis by this way the risk of loss is greatly reduced.
  • There is a simpler method in order to come to an acceptable result. This method is also used for other cacti. The risk for infection is also reduced. The method is as follows: sow in plastic pots and after carefully moistening, cover it with a plastic bag and close it as good as possible.


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