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Where to sow 
Seed harvesting
Storing seed 
Cultivation climate
Growth season

When do we end the resting period of our plants and do we start watering?
A useful rule to follow is, "If in spring the temperature in the greenhouse rises above the 25oC and is maintained for at least  4-5 hours", of course without the extra heating source. 
Choose the first of a number of sunny days and water, the substrate with water brought on temperature of ca. 15 tot 20oC. 

The next weeks we will not ventilate! This creates a humid climate comparable with the climate in the seed box. Spraying is not always necessary. Keep the floor wet if necessary and water if the pots are dry. 
The plants will show life within a couple of days by sucking the water buds will show and a new period starts. These weeks are comparable with the conditions at their original habitats, where the spring starts with lots of rain and a humid climate; the period that seeds germinate and young plants could grow before the hot sun of the summer does its selective work.

After four to six weeks we start slowly to adapt the climate in the greenhouse to a lower humidity level and careful ventilation is applied. The first days we open the thin insulation film during daytime and  close it at night and it is removed completely after one week. The screens are closed after sundown and opened at sunrise. 
This way we adapt the climate slowly to allow ventilation during day and night time in the summer, whereby the temp could drop to 10oC once in a while without risk.


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