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Disco cacti are just as sensitive for parasites and bacterial diseases as all other species, to be noted that the so called 'slime disease' with Disco cacti more often appears then with other genus. The best defense, also against insects, is to care for an optimum greenhouse climate. In here the plants are comfortable and their condition is strengthened. Healthy plants have a natural resistance against all diseases. 

A small greenhouse is climatologically often difficult to control and could result in repeatedly appearing mealy bug in a certain corner or spot. General rule is: React as quickly as possible and take the necessary countermeasures with legally admitted products and change if possible the climate on that spot, otherwise the effect of the chemical is very short. 

Another, not avoidable plague is formed by the nematodes. There is practically no chemical cure for this available. Nematodes are inherent to a monoculture. In situations whereby many plants of the same genus are placed on a small surface the nematodes multiply explosively and could cause big losses in the collection of plants. Plant lovers do not despair, those who repot his plants every two year and at the same time trims the root vigorously, limits the multiplication of the nematodes. Work clean, never mix old used soil with fresh, decontaminate all pots, trays and decoration items before using them again. 
It all seems a lot of work but if you make it an habitude, it is not so bad. And in the end we are keeping plants from another continent in a unnatural environment, and a collection of living beings differs totally from a collection of stamps.


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