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Eggli, Muñoz & Leuenberger: The Ritter Collections. Englera 16, pag. 602 and 603

albicolumnaris: Ritter 1385a
albifusca: Ritter 1392
asperispina: Ritter 1368
asterioides var. backebergii: Ritter 1363a
asterioides var. harmoniana: Ritter 1363
aureispina: Ritter 1386
aureispina var. pallidior: Ritter 1391
caespitosa -> Notocactus caespitosus
castanea ssp. harmoniana -> Frailea asterioides var. harmoniana
gracillima: Ritter 948; Ritter 948a
gracillima ssp. albifusca-> Frailea albifusca
gracillima ssp. horstii -> Frailea horstii
grahliana: Ritter 1257
horstii: Ritter 1353; Ritter s.n.
perumbilicata: Ritter 1385
perumbilicata var. spinosior: Ritter 1385c
phaeodisca: Ritter 1362
pumila: Ritter 1364; Ritter 1364a; Ritter 1365; Ritter 1367
pumila ssp. maior -> Frailea pumila var. maior
pumila var. gracillima -> Frailea gracillima
pumila var. maior: Ritter 1364b
pygmaea ssp. altigibbera -> Frailea pygmaea var. altigibbera
pygmaea ssp. asperispina -> Frailea asperispina
pygmaea ssp. aureispina -> Frailea aureispina
pygmaea ssp. lilalunula -> Frailea pygmaea var. lilalunula
pygmaea var. altigibbera: Ritter 1370a
pygmaea var. curvispina: Ritter 1371
pygmaea var. lilalunula: Ritter 1385b
pygmaea var. longispina: Ritter 1369
pygmaea var. major: Ritter 1370
pygmaea var. phaeodisca -> Frailea phaeodisca
pygmaea var. planicosta Ritter 1366; Ritter s.n.
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