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Cactaceae Systematics Initiatives 21, 2006, Pag. 16 & 17.

A new subspecies of the genus Frailea Britton & Rose

Roberto Kiesling
Instituto de Botanica Darwinion, C. C. 22. (B1642HYD/. San Isidro. Argentina.
Miembro de la Carrera del Investigador Cientifico, CONICET.

Detlev Metzing
Fak. 5: Institut für Biologie und Umweltwissenschaften, AG Pflanzenökologie, Universität Oldenburg, D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany.

In 1983 a nice taxon of the genus Frailea was found by Angeles Kiesling near Concordia (Entre Rios, NW Argentina). Comparisons with other species have shown that it is morphologically most closely related to F. mammifera Buining & Brederoo, a species occurring near Dom Pedrito (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). The main difference is the colour of the spination, which is reddish brown in the new taxon (versus yellow in Frailea mammifera). This Frailea has become common in cultivation and is often distributed under the provisional name 'Frailea angelesii'. In view of its disjunct distribution and distinctive characters, but also its overall similarity to Frailea mammifera, it should be classified as a subspecies rather than as species. To make the name available for the use in the New Cactus Lexicon it is described here at this rank:
Frailea mammifera subsp. angelesiae R. Riesling & Metzing subspecies nova, a Frailea mammifera Buining & Brederoo subsp. mammifera spinis castaneis non tubercu-latis, lana florae cinerea recedit. Holotype: Argentina, Prov. Entre Rios, dept, Concordia, Concordia, coll. 1983, prep. ex cult. 1985, Kiesling & Lopez 5930 (SI). Etymology: Named for Angeles Kiesling, who discovered this taxon in 1983.

A more detailed description of this taxon will be published in a separate paper (Metzing & Kiesling, in prep.). We thank Juan Martinez Laborde from Madrid, Spain, for correcting the Latin diagnosis.

Frailea pygmaea ssp. tuyenis
Paraguay, Paraguari, S of Quindy, Metzing 25.

Frailea mammifera ssp. angelesiae Argentina, Entre Rios, dept. Concordia, Metzing 119; cult. (photos: Metzing)

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